A pair of high-top sneakers placed side by side on a black background. The left sneaker is red with white laces, while the right sneaker is blue with white laces. Both shoes have a worn, vintage appearance with visible scuff marks on the toe caps and dirt on the rubber soles. The laces on both shoes are loosely tied, with the ends hanging down to the sides. The image has a striking contrast due to the dark background, making the colors of the sneakers stand out prominently


I was set! I applied to art school —actually, to three of the most prestigious art colleges in the country and the three best in New York City. And you know what? I got into all three.

I chose School of Visual Arts (SVA) due to its reputation. Also, who couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have Manhattan as your college campus?

The image displays the logo of the School of Visual Arts (SVA). The logo consists of a stylized red flower-like design composed of wavy, organic shapes. Below the design, the text "School of VISUAL ARTS" is written in a formal, serif font, with "VISUAL ARTS" in  capital letters. The background is white, which contrasts with the red design and black text, making the elements stand out prominently.

College Interrupted

College Interrupted

My first year at SVA was great. I mean, what could be bad about exploring your artistic side with thousands of other creatives? I was pursuing my dream to become a full-fledged photographer. But, the universe had a different plan. It was my sophomore year when tragedy struck.

One chilly, fall night in November I left class to meet a friend for some sushi and hot sake. As I crossed Third Avenue while walking up Twenty-First Street, I saw something in the corner of my eye. I looked to my right and much to my surprise I saw the grille of a Jeep Wrangler inches away from me. I was struck by the compact SUV that was making a left from Twenty-First Street onto Third Avenue. I slid up on his hood and was carried a block, holding on for dear life, until I slid off his car. The driver tried to flee the scene and as he did, I got up, chased him down, and wrote his license plate number on the black of a ten-dollar bill.The cops didn’t have enough evidence to nail him. So, I sued. But in the end, he got away with it because I never got a good look at the driver’s face through the glare on his windshield.

The image is a screenshot of a Google Maps view showing an intersection in an urban area. The intersection is between East 21st Street and 3rd Avenue. Various establishments are labeled around the intersection, including "Stay Smart 21st Street," "Smile Out Loud Pediatric Dentistry," "Lunetta Pizza," "Gramercy Bagels," and "Rolf's German Restaurant." The map also shows pedestrian crosswalks, a blue icon representing a person walking, and a small red icon of a Jeep on 21st Street near the intersection is on a collision course with the pedestrian.

Soon after, I fell into a months-long depression that came as a result of the Post-Traumatic Stress of the whole ordeal and took a break from SVA.

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