Flim, Bringing a New Life to Film – Now on Kickstarter!

Hey Guys,

I’ve got news.  Big news!  I just launched a Kickstarter.  It’s plain to see that film is dying, well what I’m trying to do is save it by bringing a new kind of film to the market.  I’m calling it Flim, fim that’s been modified.

Check out the video.

Here is the shortlink to share on your twitter feeds or whatever social mischief you might be into:

So what I want from you guys, my friends, my fans, my followers, to please donate.  Give what you can!

Here’s your chance to own your own modified film.

If you pledge enough you can own your own signed limited edition print!

Or even sit down with me for a portrait session on Flim!

Please share this page with the hashtag #shootflim.