Kylene Kash

Multiple Exposures: The Veteran Coalition for the Arts

Hey guys,

Time for another Multiple Exposures, a section of my blog reserved for brilliant artists and their work.  Today’s installment is about The Veteran Coalition of the Arts.

The School of Visual Arts has a small community of veteran students who attend on scholarship under the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. The Veteran Coalition of Arts is a collective of veteran-artists whose work reflects personal experiences as a way to shape their artistic practices.

Military Veterans Rebecca Storer & Kylene Kasch recently  curated an exhibition for VCA with project advisement from Vietnam Veteran, W.M. Hunt. This year’s artists included:  Joel Chapman, Michael Schmidt, Hector Rene, Chris Miller, Brandon Hall, and Frankie Torres.

For more information see their facebookTwitter or the exhibition web site.