Photogenic Alchemy Comes to the App Store

The Newest Addition to the Apple App Store

You may remember this August my project “Photogenic Alchemy” went viral. Soon after Gizmodo posted about me, I was contacted by an app developer named Michael Smith of Bad Weasel Games to use my film as filters.  I was a little hesitant at first due to the notion of a chemical experiment going digital, but then I was given time to spend with the app.


The app, called Silver (due to the prevalence of the element in the photographic process), embodies the very spirit of Photogenic Alchemy; Play.  Silver lets you play with a photo on your camera roll by allowing you to manipulate the brightness/contrast/opacity/blend modes/color temp/hue/saturation etc.  Then after you have done this to your image you can manipulate it further by adding layers to the image.  You can then edit these layers, reorder them, and manipulate the blending modes and opacity to create a new image.

Silver is non-linear.

This means you can re-order the layers as you see fit to affect the photo.

Silver is non-destructive

No changes are made to the image that you cannot reverse.


Sometimes you don’t want to spend time editing and image so when you are done playing with Silver, you can then save the effects to the cloud or your phone as a “Look”.  You can then share that “Look” with other people and even browse the Look database for other Looks to apply to your photo.

It’s a very powerful app and the photos above are some examples of what I was able to do with it.

Get it Here!  And don’t forget to buy my filter packs!